Why read this book?

Most things fail. Learn how to build a successful product by solving the right problems. Ryan Singer presents a refreshing view on the process of design by sharing what he has learnt at Basecamp.

Interface design is about connecting on human and technical levels. Ryan Singer discusses both in this collection of essays drawn from an interview by William Channer. On the human side, Ryan talks about how to understand users and identify their problems. On the technical side, he explores how and why designers should integrate with developers for better results.

Ryan Singer, Basecamp

Ryan Singer has been designing software interfaces and making product decisions for over 12 years. In 2003 he worked on a team of three to design Basecamp, their flagship product.

As they gained a reputation for extremely easy-to-use software, Ryan shaped the company’s product development process and made core design decisions on their products. In 2008 he became the company’s first Product Manager. You can find him on Twitter @rjs

William Channer is a British designer and journalist. He co-founded Panda and is host of the podcast show, Dorm Room Tycoon. You can find him on Twitter @williamchanner



Managing Product Development

Design Process at Basecamp

Designing with Forces